RgB Design Group Watch Out For These Logo Design Pitfalls

Watch Out For These Logo Design Pitfalls

If you are on social media, you’ve likely seen a post or two that goes something like this: “I’m working on my logo. Which design do you like best? It is usually followed by what can best be described as “pictures” rather than logos.

To help you avoid the most common logo design fails, here are the top five mistakes I see on a weekly basis:

Too much copy
Your logo is not the place for your mission statement, target market, byline, credentials, website, phone number or address.

Too much detail
Intricate designs and fancy fonts are pretty, especially when you look at them on a computer screen. But they don’t work for a logo.

Not scalable
This goes with both of the points above. Think about your logo in different applications. Would it be recognizable on a billboard and on a return address label?

Too many colors
Remember that each additional color requires a separate run through the printer, different thread for the embroidery and different ink. Each of those things is an extra expense. Your logo needs to work in greyscale and silhouette.

Colors don’t fit the industry
Color theory is an important part of logo design. What emotional response do the colors you chose evoke? The colors you use shouldn’t be just because you like them. They will either help or hurt your brand.

How to get started

Step 1
Think about your logo as the first communication your business has with a client, rather than as a pretty piece of art. It needs to link your industry, the type of business you have and the unique personality of your business in a glance. It also needs to blend with your other branding. All of this is accomplished by combining color, imagery and font. 

Step 2
Consider the different places your logo might appear: Signage, flyers, uniforms, stationery, business cards, advertising, websites and table banners. How does it look from a distance? What if it’s huge or tiny? Will it still convey the message you want it to?

Step 3
Finally, you don’t want your logo to mimic or be mistaken for other brands. Fonts and colors are often unconsciously tied to a specific brand or industry in the subconscious minds of the public. Your logo needs to be unique and stand out in a noisy marketing world.

An experienced designer will discuss all of these things with you and do additional research for your brand and industry BEFORE he/she provides designs. If you are trying to save money by creating your own logo, using an online design churning site or having a friend with some computer skills do it for you, remember – your logo is the first communication your clients will see from you. Invest the hours needed to research colors, imagery and font. You want to end up with a logo that represents your business in a professional way rather than just win a popularity contest when you post it on social media.

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