Graphic Design Studios of Russell g. Bruzzano

How We Work

Development process:

Our design process is a collaboration that fuses our creative strengths with your in-depth business knowledge to produce communications that work.

Strategy & Research:

The process starts with understanding what you want to accomplish. We begin by asking you a series of questions focusing on your desired outcome. Once we have a clear goal we research your intended audiences and study what your competition has done. From there we define the design challenges and construct strategies for solving them effectively and memorably.

Creative Exploration & Design Development:

Through creative and intuitive thinking and research we develop ideas to visually express your core message. Every choice, from layout and color to type size and style, is made with your communication goals in mind. The standout ideas are chosen for development into initial concepts and are further refined. We then present the initial concepts to you and work with you to turn these concepts into customer ready products.