How to Tell Your Customers You’re Open

How to Tell Your Customers You’re Open

Whether you agree with the loosening of restrictions or not, they are coming. But – there are social distancing and sanitation rules. You are ready, willing and able to comply with the government regulations. Perfect.

Except there is a catch. What if your customers don’t come back? Many people are so fearful that they have already decided to continue to self-isolate. Until they feel safe, your business being open or not is in material.

Be clear about what is and isn’t available

You might not be operating at 100% right now and most people are going to be willing to accommodate that. As long as they know what to expect going in. Don’t you wish there was a way to tell what your grocery store had in stock before you went in? If they don’t have the one or two things you really need, you could make other plans.

The same goes for your customers. Do your best to let them know what to expect when interacting with your business.

Send an email (You do have an email list, right?)

I’m sure you’re seeing the flurry of emails letting you know what companies are doing to keep their customers feeling safe. More cleaning and sanitizing, masks required (or not), limiting the number of people in a store at a given time, by-appointment-only, partitions between everyone… The list goes on.

If you have a physical location, it is important to let your customers know that you are doing those things. Just be smart about your wording. You don’t want to sound tone deaf about where your customers are mentally, emotionally or financially.

Update your website (We can help you)

That said, the number one thing you can do to keep you customers in the loop is update your website. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t have the ability to add up-to-date announcements and information to their website. Are you open? Do you have limited hours? How does curb-side pick-up work? How do I make an appointment? Do you have any Covid19 policies I need to know before I get there?

All of those questions need to be answered and EASY to find on your website. A confused customer won’t buy. I know this because I can’t make heads or tails of our favorite sushi restaurant’s website. It hasn’t been updated since 2017. I don’t know if they are open for take-out or doing curb pick-up or not open at all. Sure, it’s only 20 minutes up the road. I could get in my car and drive up there. But I haven’t and I likely won’t.

Don’t let that happen to your customers.

Ask what they need

Don’t guess what your customers need to feel safe and willing to come back. Ask them. Include it in your emails. Add a feedback form to your website. Add a flyer requesting their input in each order.

You might be surprised about the ideas they have to pivot your business to be even more valuable (ask me about the submarine manufacture who has been tasked with cleaning the air in operating rooms).

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