You do something really special for your clients. You’re not just run-of-mill. The people who choose to work with you get exceptional results. You always go above and beyond. Given the opportunity you will deliver the stars and more.

Do your potential customers know that? If they don’t know, can they learn it by visiting your website or looking at your brochure?

As a business owner it’s easy to fall into the trap of being so focused on delivery that we forget to maintain our website and branding. We end up just selling our products and services, making them a commodity – the same as all your competitors. But your potential clients are looking for something better when they search for you. They are looking for a solution for a problem, a problem you are uniquely qualified to solve.

The problem you need to solve is having a professional looking brand, website and copy that will allow you to land more and bigger clients.

Perfect. That’s exactly what I do for my rock star clients.

Let me worry about how to showcase your amazing ability and making you look great. You just go be awesome and bring back great testimonials.

Rock Star
Russ Bruzzano

Hi! I’m Russ. Thanks for wanting to learn more about my services and RgB Design Group LLC. I have had a varied journey to becoming a graphic designer and I think that my background gives me an edge where the creative and business worlds meet.

It was 1997 when I made the leap and started RgB Design Group, giving myself the freedom to work directly with my clients to create custom solutions for their unique needs. I am involved in the process from fleshing out the concept to final delivery. My clients are thrilled and I have control of my schedule.

My design career started when I went back to college in the early 1990’s. I got an associates degree in Visual communication with an emphasis in multimedia. This enabled me to get a job at a website design firm. I didn’t get to create the designs. I just wrote the code to make other people’s designs work. That didn’t fulfill my creative needs.

So back to school I went again; this time for a bachelor-of-fine-arts degree in visual communication. Finally I was able to get jobs like “senior designer” and “art director” and be creative. That was enough for a little while. Until I started to realize the office politics and personal egos where getting in the way of creating the best solutions and designs for the clients. That didn’t sit well with me.

And that is when I decided to start RgB Design Group…

My Mission

It’s my job to showcase your unique brand and make you look good. Sometimes that means revamping an outdated brand. Other times, we launch something new. Maybe you need some additional pieces that blend with your current branding. Those are things I do really well. Let me do this bit and you keep doing what you’re really good at – being a rock star at what you do.

If you are ready to discuss how your business can reinforce brand loyalty, give me a call: 302•273•0514 or email me: russb@rgbdesigngroup.com

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