Graphic Design Studios of Russ g. Bruzzano

Meet Russ

Hi! I’m Russ. Thanks for wanting to learn more about RgB Design. I have had a varied journey to becoming a graphic designer and I think that my background gives us an edge where the creative and business worlds meet.

It was 2004 when I made the leap and started RgB Design, giving myself the freedom to work directly with my clients to create custom solutions for their unique needs. I am involved in the process from fleshing out the concept to final delivery. My clients are thrilled and I have control of my schedule. But the path to get here had many twists and turns….

As a child I always loved to draw in class, in my spare time even on the walls (not Mom’s favorite). As I grew up, it fell by the wayside. Sure I still doodled, but drawing wasn’t seen as a useful skill. When I graduated from high school I needed a way to pay the bills and worked several manual labor jobs: plumbing supply delivery, installing fence, landscape supply, heavy equipment driver, UPS driver and even a mailman.

I went to college for the first time four years after high school. I started studying mechanical engineering because it involved drawing. But I quickly realized that it wasn’t creative. That wasn’t for me. Instead I got an associates degree in Visual communication with an emphasis in multimedia. This enabled me to get a job at a website design firm. I didn’t get to create the designs. I just wrote the code to make other people’s designs work. That didn’t fulfill my creative needs either.

So back to school I went again; this time for a bachelor-of-fine-arts degree in visual communication. Finally I was able to get jobs like “senior designer” and “art director” and be creative. That was enough for a little while. Until I started to realize the office politics and personal egos where getting in the way of creating the best solutions and designs for the clients. That didn’t sit well with me.

And that is when I decided to start RgB Design…

If you are ready to discuss how your business can reinforce brand loyalty, or you want to commiserate about the Jets, give me a call: 732-821-7180 or email me: